Swasthya in Hindi means “health”. Slate is a metamorphic rock which when processed is used as a writing device in schools all over the world and especially India. Slate represents something more than a tablet: it represents the hopes and aspirations of millions who get access to education. The Swasthya Slate (Health Tablet) is a tablet device that allows users to perform multiple diagnostic tests using an android phone or tablet. Swasthya Slate provides the same hopes and aspiration as the little slate did to children: it represents a hope of access to quality and affordable healthcare. The diagnostic tests in our fully functional prototype include :

1. Blood Pressure
2. Blood Sugar
3. Blood Haemoglobin
4. Heart Rate
5. Water Quality (Total Suspended Particles in Water)
6. Electrocardiogram
7. Body Temperature
8. Urine Protein Test
9. Urine Sugar Test

The Swasthya Slate includes specialized applications that help users perform a variety of screenings and health analysis protocols. It allows users to deliver fast and accurate care at home, in clinics and just about anywhere. It contains decision support tools to enable users to deliver quality recommendations for achieving better health.

The slate stores electronic medical records both locally on the phone/tablet and also pushes the data onto our cloud. This allows offline/online operations and doctor on call services. Explore our website for more information.

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